MEHSTG was …

a paper fanzine that was dedicated to Tottenham Hotspur FC.  Inspired by The Spur, MEHSTG was sold from 1990 to 2007 outside and in shops around the old White Hart Lane Stadium during the heyday of fanzine culture.

With the advent of the internet and with news being available much more readily, sales dropped to a point where this labour of love became unsustainable.

Going online allowed us to continue with this not for profit website, which is carried out alongside a full time job.  We know it was basic and incomplete, but MEHST tries to offer something different from other Spurs fan sites (and I think you will agree that certainly is the case !).
MEHSTG welcomes contributions and if anything makes you want to write a piece for the website, then you can send it to us at

So, MEHSTG went online – starting in 1996, continuing to this day.



coming to this new site powered by WordPress, which will bring you news and views on the club.  There will be features on players, games, memorabilia, stats and facts and we will also include trivia on the site, but it will never be trivial.

The existing content accumulated since 1996 is still available in the classic MEHSTG site that can be found at

We hope you like the new site and material will be brought over in stages, as this is a massive project.  So, please bear with us and thanks for visiting.


Wyart Lane