Unreliable History

The Bees (as they are known because the town’s apiary was sited behind their Underhill ground in the early 1900’s) were formed in 1888, but due to an administrative oversight, they did not turn professional until 1965. The management committee at the time wanted to fire the person responsible for the gaffe, but discovered that he had passed away fifteen years previously. The ground had originally been in an area known as “Up The Hill” and the slope that to this day exists is a constant reminder of this. The club acquired it’s name in the earliest matches, when a team came out of the East End of London to play them and commented on the manager’s dodgy haircut in their colourful rhyming slang. They were subsequently known as “Barnet’s team”.

Many years of mid-table obscurity followed in the Isthmian League, the AC Delco League and the GM Vauxhall League, with only fiercely contested local derbies with Enfield Town to look forward to. Their close rivals invariably topped the division in these days of re-election for the bottom Division Four club, when the other League clubs looked after their own. However, in the second season of automatic promotion, Barnet were elevated to League status. It was then that their troubles really began.

Ticket broker and club Chairman, Stan Flashman had a stormy love/hate relationship with large and larger than life manager Barry Fry. The ground needed improvement as some terracing was situated in neighbouring back gardens; some of the roofing over the terraces was leakier than the team’s defence and the capacity of the ground was restricted for safety reasons (i.e. if a group of fans were moving from one end of the ground to the other, they could gain so much momentum going down the slope that a nasty accident could occur). The sloping pitch proved of great benefit, especially to the park footballers, when Barnet’s opponents hoofed the ball over the bar at the lower South Stand end. Promotion from the bottom division was achieved, but despite a litany of ex-Spurs (Alan Mullery, Terry Gibson, Ray Clemence) being involved in management at the club (or because of it) they still linger in the Third Division.

In their non-league days, they were noted for their giant-killing exploits, but this club, still in the early years of it’s League life are pressing for promotion and a move to a bigger and better ground at Hendon to make the future brighter for them and their supporters.  A start was made on the pitch, when they reached the 1999-2000 play-offs, but lost out in the semi-final.

Unfortunately for the Bee’s, the 2000-2001 season was plagued by uncertainty.  A poor start saw Tony Cottee installed as manager, while John Still was “moved upstairs”, but he had to get down those stairs when Cottee was removed from his post in March 2001.  Even he couldn’t turn the tide and after another bad run, it all came down to a last game showdown with Torquay United at Underhill.  Losing their goalkeeper and missing a penalty, they went down 2-3 and went down and out of the League.  

Making changes including bringing in experienced Conference manager Paul Fairclough and some experienced players the club gained promotion back to the League as champions in 2005 and looked forward to a successful return.  With problems still surrounding their home ground, it could be a difficult time for the North London side and could be some time before there is honey again for tea.

Promotion was achieved in 2005 and the team managed to stay up on the last day of the season for two years running, but got through managers like used fivers.  However, in 2013, things looked a little brighter with their final season at Underhill before moving to a new complex at Barnet Copthall seeing the team under the management of former Dutch international and Champions League winner Edgar Davids.  The new manager was going to give trying to save Barnet from relegation his best shot and hoped to be as successful as rescuing 36 Barnet fans whose transport had broken down on a cold and snowy trip back from Accrington Stanley … and all without being paid a salary too !

Unfortunately, a slide into the National League in 2018 came just ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic, which hit lower 

Famous Players : – Dougie Freedman, Jimmy Greaves (although he doesn’t remember too much about his time there), George Best, Norman Wurst.

Famous Fans : – .


Club Records

Formed 1888

Turned Professional 1965

Became a Limited Company 1965

Previous names Woodville = 1882-1885
New Barnet = 1885-1888
Barnet = 1888-1906
Barnet Alston FC = 1906-1912
Barnet and Alston FC = 1912-1919

Previous grounds Underhill = 

Nickname “The BEES”

Motto “-“

Club Colours
[Images courtesy of the wonderful Colours of Football website]


Record Football League Win 7-0  v  Blackpool  (home)  Division 3   11.11.2000

Record Football League Defeat 1-9  v  Peterborough United  (home)  Division 3   05.09.1998

Record Cup Win 6-1  v  Newport County  (home)  FA Cup First Round   21.11.1970

Record Fee Paid £130,000 to Peterborough United for Greg HEALD (August 1997)

Record Fee Received £800,000 from Crystal Palace for Dougie FREEDMAN (September 1995)

Record Appearances (includes non-league appearances) 648 –  Les EASTON (1967-1974 & 1977-1978)

Record League Appearances 263  –  Paul WILSON (1991-2000)

Record League goal-scorer 47  –  Sean DEVINE  (1995-1999)

Record all-time goal-scorer 403  –  Arthur MORRIS  (1927-1936)

Record goal-scorer in a season ??  –  ??  Division ??   (19??-19??)

Record goal-scorer in a League season 24  –  Dougie FREEDMAN    Division 3   (1994-1995)

Most goals scored in a League match 4  –  Dougie FREEDMAN  v  Rochdale  (Division 3)    13.09.1994
4  – Lee HODGES  v  Rochdale  (Division 3)    08.04.1996

Record Home Attendance  (Underhill) 11,026  v  Wycombe Wanderers     (FA Amateur Cup)     23.02.1952

Record Home Attendance  (The Hive) 5,539  v  Chesterfield    (League 2)    05.05.2018

Record total of goals in a League season 81  –  Division 3  (1991-1992)

Record League points total 3 points for a win  :  79  –  (1992-1993)  Division 3  (42 games)

Most Capped Player while at club 6  –  Warren HACKETT  (St. Lucia)

Youngest Player Kieran ADAMS  –  17 years and 71 days  v  Mansfield Town   (Division 3)    31.12.1994

Oldest Player ??  –  ?? years and ?? days  v  ??   (Division ??)  ..


Stadium details 

Address :   The Hive, Camrose Avenue, Edgware HA8 6AG

Telephone :   020 8381 3800
Ticket Office :  020 8381 3800

Capacity :  6,500  (limited to 5,176 by Local Authority restrictions)
Pitch size :  m x m  (115 yards  x  75 yards)
Official website :  barnetfc.com


There are good directions to The Hive on the Barnet FC website.


Conference Champions  (Fifth Tier) 1990-1991, 2004-2005, 2014-2015

Conference Runners-up  (Fifth Tier) 1986-1987, 1987-1988, 1989-1990

FA Trophy Finalists 1971-1972

Conference League Cup Winners 1989

Conference League Cup Finalists 1984, 1986

FA Amateur Cup Winners 1945-1946



Tom GLASS 1922-1929

Reg CLAYTON 1929-1937

Bert FYDELOR 1937-1939 

Gerry KIMBER 1939-1945

Lester FINCH 1945-1951

Sonny WEIGHTMAN 1951

Lester FINCH 1951-1954

George WHEELER 1954-1956

Ted CRAWFORD 1956-1957

George WHEELER 1957-1961

Wally LINES 1961-1962

Dexter ADAMS 1962-1970

Tommy COLEMAN 1970- 1973

Gerry WARD 1973-1974

Gordon FERRY 1974

Brian KELLY 1974-1975

Colin FLATT 1975-1976

Billy MEADOWS 1976-1979

Barry FRY 1979-1985

Roger THOMPSON 1985

Don McALLISTER 1985-1986

Barry FRY 1986-1993

Edwin STEIN 1993-1994

Gary PHILLIPS 1994


Ray CLEMENCE 1994-1996 

Terry BULLIVANT 1996

Terry GIBSON 1996

Alan MULLERY 1996-1997

Terry BULLIVANT 1997

John STILL 1997-2001

Tony COTTEE 2001

John STILL 2001-2003

Peter SHREEVES 2003

Martin ALLEN 2003-2004

Adrian WHITBREAD/Damien DOYLE  (Joint Caretaker) 2004

Ian HENDON/ Danny MADDIX (Joint Caretaker) 2004

Paul FAIRCLOUGH 2004-2008

Ian HENDON 2008-2010

Paul FAIRCLOUGH (Caretaker) 2010

Mark STIMSON 2010-2011

Paul FAIRCLOUGH (Caretaker) 2011

Martin ALLEN 2011

Giuliano GRAZIOLI (Caretaker) 2011

Lawrie SANCHEZ 2011-2012

Martin ALLEN 2012

Mark ROBSON 2012

Mark ROBSON & Edgar DAVIDS 2012

Edgar DAVIDS 2012-2014

Paul FAIRCLOUGH (Caretaker) 2014

Ulrich LAND/Dick SCHREUDER 2014

Martin ALLEN 2014-2016

Rossi EAMES/ Henry NEWMAN (Interim Managers) 2016-2017

Kevin NUGENT 2017

Rossi EAMES (Interim Manager) 2017

Rossi EAMES 2017

Mark McGHEE 2017-2018

Graham WESTLEY 2018

Martin ALLEN 2018

John STILL 2018

Darren CURRIE  (Interim Manager) 2018

Darren CURRIE 2018-2020

Peter BEADLE 2020

Tim FLOWERS 2020-2021

Paul FAIRCLOUGH (Caretaker) 2021

Gary ANDERSON (Caretaker) 2021

Simon BASSEY (Interim) 2021


League Record

The Football League structure has historically been as follows …

1888-1892 1892-1920 1920-1921 1921-1958 1958-1992 1992-2004 2004 to date
First tier Football League Division One Division One Division One Division One Premiership Premier League
Second tier Division Two Division Two Division Two Division Two Division One Championship
Third tier Division Three Division Three
(North) and (South)
Division Three Division Two  League One
Fourth tier Division Four Division Three League Two

Promoted to Division Four  (Fourth Tier) 1991

Division Four  (Fourth Tier) 1991-1992

Division Three  (Fourth Tier) 1992-1993

Division Two  (Third Tier) 1993-1994

Division Three  (Fourth Tier) 1994-2001

Conference  (Fifth Tier) 2001-2005

League Two  (Fourth Tier) 2005-2013

Conference  (Fifth Tier) 2013-2015

League Two  (Fourth Tier) 2015-2018

Conference  (Fifth Tier) 2018-