Spurs v Brighton and Hove Albion match reports
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31.01.2021 Premier League    Away     Lost    0-1
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01.11.2020 Premier League     Home     Won     2-1
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26.12.2019 Premier League    Home    Won    2-1
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05.10.2019 Premier League      Away     Lost    3-0
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23.04.2019 Premier League      Home     Won    1-0
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22.09.2018 Premier League     Away     Lost    1-2
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17.04.2018 Premier League     Away    Drew     1-1
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13.12.2017 Premier League     Home (Wembley)     Won    2-0
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29.10.2014 League Cup Round 4     Home.     Won    2-0
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08.01.2005 FA Cup Round 4   Home    Won    2-1.
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Division 1    Away     Lost    1-2

Graham Roberts’ goal was not enough to stave off the Brighton side, who won at the Goldstone ground with goals from Steve Gatting and Gerry Ryan. Despite being bottom of the table, the Seagulls won the match in the last fine minutes after going a goal down.  Without Glenn Hoddle, Tottenham still scored from a free kick when Steve Archibald rolled the ball behind him for Graham Roberts to hit a 25 yard shot along the floor past Graham Moseley in the Brighton goal.

Tottenham should have gone 2-0 ahead with a good shooting opportunity in the first half put wide by Galvin and then Brazil striking a shot from six yards against the bar after a quickly taken free-kick released Galvin to set him up.  Falco also had a good header from a Galvin cross touched round the post by Moseley.

As it was referee Vic Callow reduced the game to 10-a-side when first Chris Ramsey and then Tony Galvin both committed two bookable offences and were dismissed.  The sending offs helped Brighton who scored very soon after Galvin departed with Steve Gatting cutting in to score past Clemence with the outside of his left foot and within a minute, it was 2-1 to the home side, when a header at a Brighton corner was chested off the line by Hughton, but substitute Gerry Ryan was on hand to put a header out of Clemence’s reach to seal the win for the Seagulls. 

Teams :
Brighton –   Graham Moseley, Chris Ramsey, Steve Foster (c), Gary Stevens, Steve Gatting, Graham Pearce, Jimmy Case, Garry Howlett (Gerry Ryan), Gordon Smith, Terry Connor, Mike Robinson.
Spurs –   Ray Clemence, Chris Hughton, John Lacy, Graham Roberts, Garry O’Reilly, Gary Mabbutt, Tony Galvin, Steve Archibald, Terry Gibson (Micky Hazard), Mark Falco, Alan Brazil
Attendance : – 20,341

Ref : –  Vic Callow (Solihull)

28.12.1982 Division 1     Home     Won      2-0

Chris Hughton and Ricky Villa scored the goals that gave Tottenham the points in this Christmas meeting with the Seagulls. 

Teams : – 

Spurs  –  Ray Clemence, Chris Hughton, Gary O’Reilly, Graham Roberts (Ian Crook), Micky Hazard, Steve Perryman (c), Garry Brooke, Steve Archibald, Ricky Villa, Glenn Hoddle, Garth Crooks
Brighton  –  Perry Digweed, Chris Ramsey, Sammy Nelson, Tony Grealish, Steve Foster, Gary Stevens, Jimmy Case, Andy Ritchie, Mike Robinson, Peter Ward, Steve Gatting.
Sub. not used :
Attendance : – 23,994
Referee : –  Kieran Barratt

League Cup  Second Round  Second Leg     Away    Won    1-0

The second leg of this second round Milk Cup tie saw Spurs go through by a single Garth Crooks goal.  Brighton dominated the first half, but Ray Clemence was in good form to stop anything getting past him.   The second half was a different story and Tottenham produced a better performance, with Garry Brooke’s 70th minute shot being stopped by Graham Moseley, but Crooks pounced to shoot home from a really tight angle to score the winning goal at the Goldstone Ground.

Teams :
Brighton –  Graham Moseley, .
Spurs – Ray Clemence, Paul Price, Gary O’Reilly, Paul Miller, John Lacy, Micky Hazard, Garry Brooke, Mark Falco (Giorgio Mazzon), Gary Mabbutt, Ricky Villa, Garth Crooks
Attendance : – 20,775

06.10.1982 League Cup  Second Round  First Leg     Home    Drew    1-1

Garry Brooke struck home a penalty to stop Brighton taking our scalp in the first leg of this second round League cup tie, but Tony Grealish’s goal for Brighton ensured that the match was finely balanced as it went into the second leg.

Teams –
Spurs – Ray Clemence, Chris Hughton, Paul Price, John Lacy, Gary O’Reilly, Gary Mabbutt, Garry Brooke, Micky Hazard, Ricky Villa, Steve Archibald, Garth Crooks (Mark Falco)
Brighton –   , , , , , , Tony Grealish, , , , .
Sub. not used :
Attendance : – 20,416

09.03.1982 Division 1     Away     Won      3-1

Steve Gatting’s goal counted for little as Spurs ran out 3-1 away winners with goals from Ossie Ardiles, Steve Archibald and Garth Crooks.

Teams –
Brighton : –  , , , , Steve Gatting, , , , .
Subs not used :
Spurs : –  Ray Clemence, Chris Hughton,  Paul Miller, Paul Price, Graham Roberts, Steve Perryman (c), Ossie Ardiles, Tony Galvin, Micky Hazard, Steve Archibald, Garth Crooks

Sub. not used :
Attendance : – 27,082

24.10.1981 Division 1     Home     Lost      0-1

Spurs lost out to a single Michael Robinson goal at the Lane in this First Division match.

Teams –
Spurs : –  Ray Clemence, Chris Hughton, Paul Miller, Graham Roberts, Steve Perryman (c), Ossie Ardiles, Tony Galvin, Micky Hazard, Glenn Hoddle, Steve Archibald, Garth Crooks
Sub. not used :
Brighton : –  Graham Moseley, Don Shanks, Gary Williams, Tony Grealish, Steve Foster, Steve Gatting, Jimmy Case, Andy Ritchie, Mike Robinson, Tony Grealish.
Sub. not used :  Gary Stevens
Attendance : – 37,294

31.01.1981 Division 1     Away     Won      2-0

Ardiles and Crooks were on the mark to take Spurs to a 2-0 win at the Goldstone.

Teams –
Brighton : –  Perry Digweed, John Gregory, Gary Stevens, Brian Horton, Steve Foster, Mark Lawrenson, Neil McNab (Gordon Smith), Andy Ritchie, Mike Robinson, Paul Clark, Peter O’Sullivan.
Spurs : –
  Barry Daines, Don McAllister, Paul Miller, Graham Roberts, John Lacy, Steve Perryman (c), Ossie Ardiles (Garry Brooke), Tony Galvin, Glenn Hoddle, Steve Archibald, Garth Crooks
Attendance : – 23,610

23.08.1980 Division 1     Home     Drew      2-2

An exciting 2-2 draw saw Spurs score through Glenn Hoddle and Garth Crooks, while two Gordon Smith goals brought the Seagulls a point on their travels.

Teams –
Spurs : –   Mark Kendall, Chris Hughton, John Lacy, Steve Perryman (c), Gordon Smith, Ossie Ardiles, Glenn Hoddle, Ricky Villa, Steve Archibald, Garth Crooks, Terry Yorath
Sub. not used :
Manager : – Keith Burkinshaw
Brighton : –   Graham Moseley, John Gregory, Gary Williams, Brian Horton, Steve Foster, Mark Lawrenson, McHale, Peter Ward. Mike Robinson, Gordon Smith, Neil McNab
Sub. not used : Moshe Gariani
Manager : –  Alan Mullery
Attendance : – 39,763
Referee : –  Mark Scott (Nottinghamshire)
Linesmen : – Mr. D. Axcell (Southend) – Red flag; Mr. G. J. Prevett (Surrey) – Yellow flag
Match sponsor : –  Ray Powell Group

19.01.1980 Division 1     Away     Won      2-0

Chris Hughton and Ricky Villa notched Tottenham’s goals in a 2-0 win at Brighton.

Hughton exchanged passes with Glenn Hoddle before finishing clinically and then Villa was strong enough to hold off challenges as he ran through to fire in a thunderous left footed shot to make it 2-0 still in the first half.  There were further chances that Spurs did not take, but there was the added bonus that Peter Taylor returned to first team action after being out injured.

Seagulls boss Alan Mullery was not impressed by his team’s performance, saying that they, “sat back and admired Spurs !”

Teams –
Brighton : –  Graham Moseley, Gary Stevens, Gary Williams, Brian Horton, Steve Foster (Andy Sayer), Peter Suddaby, Gerry Ryan, Peter Ward, Ray Clarke, Mark Lawrenson, Peter O’Sullivan.
Spurs : –
  Barry Daines, Chris Hughton, Don McAllister, Paul Miller, Steve Perryman (c), Ossie Ardiles, Glenn Hoddle, Peter Taylor (John Pratt), Ricky Villa, Gerry Armstrong, Terry Yorath
Attendance : – 29,406

08.09.1979 Division 1     Home     Won      2-1

A first League win over Brighton cam at White Hart Lane in a 2-1 victory for Tottenham.

Gerry Armstrong scored in the first half courtesy of a fine pass from Glenn Hoddle and it was the midfielder who scored from the penalty spot after the break when John Pratt was fouled in the box.   That earned a 2-1 win over Brighton, whose goal was scored by captain Brian Horton direct from a free-kick.  Apprentice Peter Southey made his debut for Tottenham, which his untimely death meant was his only first team appearance.

Teams –
Spurs –  Barry Daines, Chris Hughton, Paul Miller, Colin Lee, Steve Perryman (c), Peter Southey, Glenn Hoddle, John Pratt (Stuart Beavon), Gerry Armstrong, Chris Jones, Terry Yorath
Brighton –  Steele, John Gregory, Gary Williams, Brian Horton (c), Steve Foster, Mark Lawrenson (Gerry Ryan), Paul Clark, Peter Ward, Teddy Maybank, Andy Sayer, Peter O’Sullivan.
Attendance : – 34,107
Referee : –  Cliff Maskell (Cambridge)
Linesmen : –  Mr. D. J. Axcell (Southend-on-Sea) – Red flag; Mr. M. K. Bullivant (Cambridgeshire) – Yellow flag

Match Sponsor : –  Bradford & Bingley Building Society

Division 2     Away     Lost      1-3

Brighton were on a good run of form with four wins out of five games coming into the Second Division match at the Goldstone Ground against Spurs.

Top of the table Tottenham brought a big away support for this match with fourth place Brighton with thousands of Spurs fans forcing down the gates to gain entry to the Goldstone Ground and then causing trouble all around the stadium, with the referee stopping the game for fourteen minutes at one point.

Closing down the Spurs midfield, Brighton used their wingers O’Sullivan and Towner to get behind Tottenham, but Paul Clark scored a fine solo goal after 28 minutes, running from inside his own half and then Graham Winstanley placed his volley wide of Daines to double the lead.  Chris Jones’ goal in between, set up by Colin Lee when presented with the ball by goalkeeper Eric Steele’s goal-kick, could not stop Brighton turning around as 2-1 leaders.  The home side dominated the second half, with substitute Eric Potts putting the game beyond Tottenham’s reach with a 72nd minute goal, which was only allowed after the referee had consulted his linesman and the ref was in action again a minute after the goal when he sent off Don McAllister.

Teams :
Brighton – 
Eric Steele, Ken Tiler, Gary Williams, Mark Williams, Graham Winstanley, Brian Horton (c), Paul Clark, Tony Towner (Eric Potts), Peter O’Sullivan, Malcolm Poskett, Peter Ward.
Spurs – 
  Barry Daines, Don McAllister  , Terry Naylor, Jimmy Holmes, Steve Perryman (c), Glenn Hoddle, Neil McNab, John Pratt, Peter Taylor, Colin Lee (Gerry Armstrong), Chris Jones
Attendance : – 32,647
Ref. : –  Alan Turvey (Essex)

19.11.1977 Division 2     Home     Drew      0-0

A 0-0 draw between two of the teams challenging for promotion was fought out at White Hart Lane.

Spurs were in second place in the table with Brighton one behind and the Seagulls arrived determined not to give up anything with a defensive display masterminded by their manager – former Spurs midfielder Alan Mullery.  Spurs were limited to a few glimpses of goal, with John Duncan’s shot that hit the post being the closest they came to a goal.

Teams :
Spurs –  Barry Daines, Jimmy Holmes, Terry Naylor, Keith Osgood, Steve Perryman, Glenn Hoddle, Neil McNab, John Pratt, Peter Taylor, John Duncan (Colin Lee), Ian Moores
Brighton –  Eric Steele, Chris Cattlin, Mark Lawrenson, Gary Williams, Graham Winstanley, Brian Horton (c), Tony Towner, Peter Ward, Ian Mellor, Paul Clark, Peter O’Sullivan.
Sub. not used :
Attendance : – 48,613

29.01.1944 Ralph Ward and Sonny Walters gave Tottenham a 2-0 Football League South win.

Both goals came in the second half and by the time the Spurs players had returned from the South Coast, there was an air raid on in London.

Teams : 

Brighton –
Spurs –  , , , , , , Ward,  , , Walters
Attendance : – 6,000

09.10.1943 Goals in each half from Jack Rowley and Jack Martin scored for Tottenham in this Football League South match saw Brighton defeated 2-0 at White Hart Lane.  Rowley was guesting from Manchester United, while Martin was a war-time guest player from Aston Villa.

Teams :
Brighton – 

Spurs –  , , , , , , Rowley, , , Martin
Attendance : – 10,668

17.01.1942 Spurs crashed to their biggest defeat to Brighton as they met in the London League.  Burgess and Sibley hit Tottenham’s goals, while Brighton romped to victory with goals from Morgan 3, Cunliffe and Jack Davie.

Teams :
Brighton –   , , , , Cunliffe, , , Morgan, Davie

Spurs –   , , , , , , Sibley, , , Burgess,
Attendance : –   2,000

11.10.1941 Ivan Broadis’ goal was outdone by two Brighton strikes from Liverpool’s guest player Jack Balmer to give the South Coast side an away win in the London League.

An interesting exhibit in the “Dig For Victory” campaign for growing vegetables during war-time was a huge leek that was 4″-5″ across the base which was claimed to have been grown on Tottenham Marshes, where Tottenham played their first games, with the site having been turned into allotments.

Teams :
Spurs –  , , , , , , , , Broadis
Brighton – , , , , , , , , , Balmer

Attendance : –   4,542

15.02.1908 Southern League     Away    Lost    0-2

A Southern League match saw Brighton take the points with goals from Hall and Burnett as Willie McNair played his last game for Tottenham.

Teams :
Brighton –  , , , , , , Hall, Burnett, , ,

Spurs –  Gordon Manning, John Chaplin, Ollie Burton, Walter Bull, Danny Steel, Jabez Darnell, Willie McNair, Arthur Pickett, Max Seeburg, Bert Middlemiss, Jimmy Pass
Attendance : –   11,000

19.10.1907 Southern League     Home      Drew    1-1

The visitors’ Morris scored an own goal to give Spurs a point to equal out a goal for Brighton from Hall.

Teams :
Spurs –  Gordon Manning, John Chaplin, Ollie Burton, Tom Morris, Danny Steel, Jabez Darnell, Joe Walton, Willie McNair, Jimmy Reid, Harry Stansfield, Vivian Woodward
Brighton –   ,  , , Morris, , , , , Hall

Attendance : –   14,000

30.03.1907 Southern League     Home    Won    3-0

Walton, Pickett and Walker scored the goals to give Tottenham a 3-0 win in the Southern League.

Teams :
Spurs –  Jack Whitbourne, John Chaplin, Sandy Tait, Walter Bull, Tom Morris, Ted Hughes, Joe Walton, Jimmy Reid, Arthur Pickett, Herbert Chapman, Bob Walker
Brighton – 

Attendance : –   12,000

24.11.1906 Southern League     Away    Lost    0-2

Spurs lost on their trip to the South Coast with Brighton’s goal-scorers being Hall and Lewis.

Teams :
Brighton –   , , , , , , Lewis, , Hall,

Spurs –  Matt Reilly, John Chaplin, Sandy Tait, Walter Bull, Tom Morris, Frank McDiarmid, John Brearley, Joe Walton, Jimmy Reid, Vivian Woodward, Charlie Hewitt
Attendance : –   8,000

20.01.1906 Southern League     Home    Won    3-1

A 3-1 win for Tottenham was achieved through goals from Walter Bull, Joe Walton and Vivian Woodward.  Brighton scored through Anthony.

Teams :
Spurs – John Eggett, Sandy Tait, John Watson, Walter Bull, Tom Morris, Chris Carrick, John Brearley, Joe Walton, Peter Kyle, Vivian Woodward, Herbert Chapman
Brighton – , , , , , , , , , , Anthony

Attendance : –   10,000

16.09.1905 Southern League     Away    Lost    0-2

Yates and F. Buckley scored Brighton’s goals in a 2-0 win.

Teams :
Brighton – , ,  , , , , Yates,  , , F. Buckley

Spurs –  John Eggett, Sandy Tait, John Watson, Walter Bull, Tom Morris, John Brearley, Joe Walton, Bill Berry, Charlie O’Hagan, Willie Murray, Herbert Chapman
Attendance : –   9,000

18.03.1905 Southern League     Home    Drew    1-1

Herbert Chapman’s debut goal cancelled out ex-Spur Peter Gilhooley’s effort to leave the game drawn at 1-1.

Teams :
Spurs –  John Eggett, Sandy Tait, John Watson, Walter Bull, Jim McNaught, Ted Hughes, Joe Walton, Alex Glen, Willie Murray, Herbert Chapman
Brighton –  , , , , , , , , Gilhooley

Attendance : –   7,000

19.11.1904 Southern League     Away    Drew    1-1

Walter Bull for Spurs and Gardner for Brighton hit the net to make it 1-1 at the end of this Southern League game.

Teams :
Brighton –  , , , , , , Gardner, ,  ,

Spurs –  John Eggett, Sandy Tait, John Watson, Walter Bull, Tom Morris, Jack Kirwan, John Brearley, Joe Walton, Bill Berry, David Copeland, Vivian Woodward
Attendance : –   9,000

13.04.1904 Southern League     Away    Won    2-1

Goals from Kirwan and Warner gave Spurs a victory despite Brighton hitting the net through Roberts.

Teams :
Brighton –   , , , , , , Roberts, , ,

Spurs –   Fred Mearns, Harry Erentz, Ollie Burton, Percy Mapley, Tom Morris, Ted Hughes, Jack Kirwan, John Brearley, Archie Turner, David Copeland, Alf Warner
Attendance : –   8,000

28.11.1903 .

Teams :
Brighton – 

Spurs –
Attendance : –   ,

24.10.1903 Southern League     Home    Drew    2-2

The visiting Brighton side scored through Thair and Garfield, but Tottenham gained a point with goals from Woodward and Chalmers to make the final score 2-2 as the two sides met in the Southern League.

Teams :
Spurs –  Charlie Williams, Sandy Tait, John Watson, Ollie Burton, Tom Morris, James Chalmers, David Copeland, Vivian Woodward, John McConnachie, Jack Jones, John “Jack” Jones
Brighton –   , , , , , , Thair, Garfield, ,

Attendance : –   8,000