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Saturday July A Friendly LEYTON ORIENT 1-1   Scarlett 38   Sotiriou 72   0,000
Wednesday 21 July A Friendly COLCHESTER UNITED 3-0   Son 10m 44s, Moura 14m 00s, Dele 37m 33s     4,000
Wednesday 28 July A Friendly MK DONS 3-1   Son 34m 54s, Dele 56m 39s, Dele 80m 44 s
  Freeman 83m 35s   15,000
Wednesday 04 August A MIND Series CHELSEA 2-2   Moura 56, Bergwijn 70   Ziyech 16, Ziyech 49   0,000
Sunday 08 August H MIND Series ARSENAL 1-0   Son 78m 57s     Dele, Skipp, Reguilon 24,168
Sunday 15 August H Premier League MANCHESTER CITY 1-0   Son 54m 07s     Moura, Sanchez 58,262
Thursday 19 August A Europa Conference QR PACOS DE FERREIRA (POR) 0-1     Lucas Silva 44m 14s   Davies, Bryan 2,284
Sunday 22 August A Premier League WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS 1-0   Dele (p)  09m 00s     Tanganga, Skipp,  Hojbjerg, Kane  30,368 4th
Thursday 26 August H Europa Conference QR PACOS DE FERREIRA (POR) 3-0   Kane 08m 28s, Kane 33m 54s, Atunes (o.g.) 69m 30s     Romero, Bryan 30,215
Sunday 29 August H Premier League WATFORD 1-0   Son 41m 36s     Kane, Dele, Skipp 57,672 1st
Sunday 11 September A Premier League CRYSTAL PALACE 0-3     Zaha (p)75m 11s, Edouard 83m 30s, Edouard 90+2m 00s   Tanganga, Moura Tanganga 22,748 5th
Thursday 16 September A Europa Conference Group G STADE RENNAIS (FRA) 2-2   Bade (o.g.) 10m 20s, Hojbjerg 75m 07s   Tait 22m 31s, Laborde 70m 59s   Bryan 22,888
Thursday 19 September H Premier League CHELSEA 0-3     Silva 48m 57s, Kante 56m 47s, Rudiger 90+1m 19s   60,859 7th
Wednesday 22 September A League Cup R3 WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS 2-2 (4-3 on pens)   Ndombele 13m 03s, Kane 22m 39s   Dendoncker 37m 48s, Podence 57m 14s   28,798
Sunday 26 September A Premier League ARSENAL 0-3     Rowe-Smith 11m 15s, Aubameyang 26m 56s, Saka 33m 30s   Skipp 59,919
Thursday 30 September H Europa Conference Group G NS MURA (SVN) 5-1   Dele (p) 03m 25s, Lo Celso 07m 13s, Kane 67m 22s, Kane 75m 55s, Kane 86m 47s   Kous 52m 04s   Skipp 25,121
Sunday 03 October H Premier League ASTON VILLA 2-1   Hojbjerg 26m 15s, Targett (o.g.) 70m 20s   Watkins 67m 02s   Skipp, Romero 53,076 8th
Sunday 17 October A Premier League NEWCASTLE UNITED 3-2   Ndombele 16m 57s, Kane 21m 24s, Son 45+2m 53s   Wilson 01m 47s, Dier (o.g.) 88m 48s   Royal 52,214 5th
Thursday 21 October A Europa Conference Group G VITESSE ARNHEM (HOL) 0-1     Wittek 77m 22s   Winks, Bergwijn, Sanchez, Scarlett 23,931
Sunday 24 October A Premier League WEST HAM UNITED 0-1     Antonio 71m 50s   Romero 59,924 6th
Wednesday 27 October A League Cup R4 BURNLEY 1-0   Moura  67m 09s     Son 14,637
Saturday 30 October H Premier League MANCHESTER UNITED 0-3     Ronaldo 38m 26s, Cavani 63m 25s, Rashford 85m 45s   Davies, Romero 60,356 8th
Thursday 04 November H Europa Conference Group G VITESSE ARNHEM (HOL) 3-2   Son 13m 56s, Moura 21m 24s, Rasmussen (o.g.) 27m 51s   Rasmussen 31m 20s, Bero 38m 09s   Romero Romero 36,312
Sunday 07 November A Premier League EVERTON 0-0       Reguilon, Romero, Ndombele, Skipp 39,059 9th
Saturday 21 November H Premier League LEEDS UNITED 2-1   Hojbjerg 57m 26s, Reguilon 68m 17s   James 43m 41s   Royal 58,989 7th
Thursday 25 November A Europa Conference Group G NS MURA (SVN) 1-2   Kane 71m 35s   Horvat 10m 18s, Marosa 90+3m 51s   Sessegnon, Dele, Conte Sessegnon ??
Sunday 29 November A Premier League BURNLEY P      
Thursday 02 December H Premier League BRENTFORD 2-0   Canos (o.g.) 11m 54s, Son 64m 22s     54,202 6th
Sunday 05 December H Premier League NORWICH CITY 3-0   Moura 09m 19s, Sanchez 66m 01s, Son 76m 27s     Reguilon 57,088 5th
Thursday 09 December H Europa Conference Group G STADE RENNAIS (FRA) P      
Sunday 16 December A Premier League LEICESTER CITY P      
Sunday 19 December H Premier League LIVERPOOL 2-2   Kane 12m 50s, Son 73m 45s   Jota 34m 28s, Robertson 68m 50s   Kane, Winks, Davies, Royal 45,421 7th
Wednesday 22 December H League Cup QF WEST HAM UNITED 2-1   Bergwijn 28m 09s, Moura 33m 50s   Bowen  31m 26s   40,031
Sunday 26 December H Premier League CRYSTAL PALACE 3-0   Kane 31m 15s, Moura 33m 30s, Son 73m 33s     Sanchez 40,539 5th
Tuesday 28 December A Premier League SOUTHAMPTON 1-1   Kane (p)  40m 28s   Ward-Prowse 24m 35s   Reguilon, Winks 31,304 6th
Saturday 01 January A Premier League WATFORD 1-0   Sanchez 90+5m 43s     Skipp 20,139 6th
Wednesday 05 January A League Cup SF 1L CHELSEA 0-2     Havertz 04m 19s, Davies (o.g.) 33m 49s   37,868
Sunday 09 January H FA Cup R3 MORECAMBE 3-1   Winks 73m 46s, Moura 84m 56s, Kane 87m 03s   O’Connor 32m 19s   40,310
Wednesday 12 January H League Cup SF 2L CHELSEA 0-1     Rudiger 17m 09s   45,603
Sunday 16 January H Premier League ARSENAL P      
Wednesday 19 January A Premier League LEICESTER CITY 3-2   Kane 37m 22s, Bergwijn 90+4m 52s, Bergwijn 90+6m 10s   Daka 23m 20s, Maddison 75m 01s   Sanchez, Bergwijn 31,986 5th
Sunday 23 January A Premier League CHELSEA 0-2     Ziyech 46m 47s, Silva 54m 39s   Tanganga 40,020 7th
Saturday 05 February H FA Cup R4 BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION 3-1   Kane 12m 35s,  March (o.g.) 23m 30s, Kane 65m 07s   Bissouma 62m 44s   Bentancur 54,697
Wednesday 09 February H Premier League SOUTHAMPTON 2-3   Bendarek (o.g.) 17m 24s, Son 69m 43s   Broja 22m 33s, Elyounoussi 79m 01s, Adams 81m 18s   Sanchez, Romero 54,102 7th
Sunday 13 February H Premier League WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS 0-2     Jiminez 05m 58s, Dendoncker 17m 29s   56,452 8th
Saturday 19 February A Premier League MANCHESTER CITY 3-2   Kulusevski 03m 53s, Kane 50m 58s, Kane 90+4m 25s   Gundogan 32m 46s, Mahrez (p) 90+1m 52s   Hojbjerg, Romero, Lloris 53,201 7th
Wednesday 23 February A Premier League BURNLEY 0-1     Mee 70m 42s   19,488 8th
Saturday 26 February A Premier League LEEDS UNITED 4-0   Doherty  09m 16s, Kulusevski 14m 40s, Kane 26m 53s, Son 84m 45s     Davies, Sessegnon, Conte 36,599 7th
Tuesday 1st March A FA Cup R5 MIDDLESBROUGH 0-1 (a.e.t.)     Coburn 106m 12s   Romero 31,135
Monday 7th March H Premier League EVERTON 5-0   Keane (o.g.) 13m 31s, Son 14m 24s, Kane 36m 26s, Reguilon 45m 42s, Kane 54m 52s     Son, Romero 59,674 7th
Saturday 12 March A Premier League MANCHESTER UNITED 2-3   Kane (p) 34m 33s, Maguire (o.g.) 71m 15s   Ronaldo 11m 53s, Ronaldo 35m 14s, Ronaldo 80m 57s   Dier 73,458 8th
Wednesday 16 March A Premier League BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION 2-0   Romero 36m 12s, Kane 56m 12s     Reguilon, Romero 31,144 7th
Sunday 20 March H Premier League WEST HAM UNITED 3-1   Zouma (o.g.) 08m 09s, Son 23m 41s, Son 87m 53s   Benrama 34m 44s   58,685 5th
Sunday 03 April H Premier League NEWCASTLE UNITED 5-1   Davies 43m 19s, Doherty 47m 23s, Son 54m 40s, Royal 62m 59s, Bergwijn 82m 53s   Schar 38m 36s   Kane, Bentancur 57,553 4th
Saturday 09 April A Premier League ASTON VILLA 4-0   Son 02m 43s, Kulusevski 49m 39s, Son 65m 40s, Son 70 56s     Hojbjerg, Royal, Kane 41,949 4th
Saturday 16 April H Premier League BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION 0-1     Trossard  89m 06s   Kulusevski, Bentancur, Royal 58,685 4th
Saturday 23 April A Premier League BRENTFORD 0-0       Bentancur 17,072 5th
Sunday 01 May H Premier League LEICESTER CITY 3-1   Kane 21m 47s, Son 59m 50s, Son 78m 08s   Iheanacho 90+0m 30s   Davies, Bentancur 59,482 5th
Saturday 07 May A Premier League LIVERPOOL 1-1   Son 55m 52s   Diaz 73m 19s   Davies, Sessegnon 53,177 5th
Thursday 12 May H Premier League ARSENAL 3-0   Kane (p) 21m 50s, Kane 36m 39s, Son 46m 11s     Davies, Conte 62,027 5th
Sunday 15 May H Premier League BURNLEY 1-0   Kane (p) 45+7m 37s     Moura, Lloris, Kulusevski 61,729 4th
Sunday 22 May A Premier League NORWICH CITY 5-0   Kulusevski 15m 26s, Kane 31m 23s, Kulusevski 63m 35s, Son 69m 38s, Son 74m 55s     Son 27,022 4th


Match Reports (Click on opponents name for link)

NORWICH CITY  (A)  22.05.2022  –  Premier League

BURNLEY  (H)  15.05.2022  –  Premier League

ARSENAL  (H)  12.05.2022  –  Premier League

LIVERPOOL  (A)  07.05.2022  –  Premier League

LEICESTER CITY  (H)  01.05.2022  –  Premier League

BRENTFORD  (A)  23.04.2022  –  Premier League

BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION  (H)  16.04.2022  –  Premier League

ASTON VILLA  (A)  09.04.2022  –  Premier League

NEWCASH UNITED  (H)  03.04.2022  –  Premier League

WEST HAM UNITED LONDON  (H)  20.02.2022  –  Premier League

BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION  (A)  16.03.2022  –  Premier League

MANCHESTER UNITED  (A)  12.03.2022  –  Premier League

EVERTON  (H)  07.03.2022  –  Premier League

MIDDLESBROUGH  (A)  01.03.2022  –  FA Cup Fifth Round

LEEDS UNITED  (A)  26.02.2022  –  Premier League

BURNLEY  (A)  23.02.2022  –  Premier League

MANCHESTER CITY  (A)  19.02.2022  –  Premier League

WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS  (H)  13.02.2022  –  Premier League

SOUTH COAST BIG CLUB  (H)  09.02.2022  –  Premier League

BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION  (H)  05.02.2022  –  FA Cup Fourth Round

CHELSEA  (A)  23.01.2022  –  Premier League

LEICESTER CITY  (A)  19.01.2022  –  Premier League

CHELSEA  (H)  12.01.2022  –  League Semi-Final Second Leg

MORECAMBE  (H)  09.01.2022  –  FA Cup Third Round

CHELSEA  (A)  05.01.2022  –  League Semi-Final First Leg

WATFORD  (A)  01.01.2022  –  Premier League

SOUTH COAST BIG CLUB  (A)  28.12.2021  –  Premier League

CRYSTAL PALACE  (H)  26.12.2021  –  Premier League

WEST HAM UNITED LONDON  (H)  22.12.2021  –  League Cup Quarter-final

LIVERPOOL  (H)  19.12.2021  –  Premier League

NORWICH CITY  (H)  05.12.2021  –  Premier League

BRENTFORD  (H)  02.12.2021  –  Premier League

LEEDS UNITED  (H)  21.11.2021  –  Premier League

EVERTON  (A)  07.11.2021  –  Premier League

VITESSE ARNHEM  (H)  04.11.2021  –  Europa Conference Group G

MANCHESTER UNITED  (H)  30.10.2021  –  Premier League

BURNLEY  (A)  27.10.2021  –  League Cup Fourth Round

WEST HAM UNITED LONDON  (A)  24.10.2021  –  Premier League

VITESSE ARNHEM  (A)  21.10.2021  –  Europa Conference Group G

NEWCASH UNITED  (A)  17.10.2021  –  Premier League

ASTON VILLA  (H)  03.10.2021  –  Premier League

NS MURA  (H)  30.09.2021  –  Europa Conference Group G

ARSENAL  (A)  26.09.2021  –  Premier League

WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS  (A)  22.09.2021  –  League Cup Third Round

CHELSEA  (H)  19.09.2021  –  Premier League

STADE RENNAIS  (A)  16.09.2021  –  Europa Conference Group G

CRYSTAL PALACE  (A)  11.09.2021  –  Premier League

WATFORD  (H)  29.08.2021  –  Premier League

PACOS DE FERREIRA  (H)  26.08.2021  –  Europa Conference Play-Off Second Leg

WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS  (A)  22.08.2021  –  Premier League

PACOS DE FERREIRA  (A)  19.08.2021  –  Europa Conference Play-Off First Leg

MANCHESTER CITY  (H)  15.08.2021  –  Premier League