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Owing to FIFA’s wonderful decision to have a World Cup in the winter, there were no competitive matches between 12.11.2022 and 26.12.2022.

Wednesday 13 July Seoul Friendly   K-LEAGUE XI 6-3   Dier 30, Jin Hyuk Kim (o.g.) 47, Kane 54, Son (p) 69, Kane 75, Son 85   Cho 45+2, Veldwijk 52, Amano 71   Royal 64,100
Saturday 16 July Suwon Friendly   SEVILLA 1-1   Kane 50 Rakitic 64   43,998
Saturday 23 July A Walter Tull Memorial Trophy   GLASGOW RANGERS 2-1   Kane 49m 53s, Kane 55m 35s   Colak 23m 26s   Kulusevski 43,036
Saturday 30 July Haifa I-Tech Cup   AS ROMA 0-1   Ibanez 28m 40s   Romero ,
Saturday 06 August H Premier League   SOUTHAMPTON 4-1   Sessegnon 20m 38s, Dier 30m 59s, Salisu (o.g.) 60m 04s, Kulusevski 62m 11s   Ward-Prowse 11m 19s   Sessegnon, Bentancur, Bissouma 61,732 1st
Sunday 14 August A Premier League   CHELSEA 2-2   Hojbjerg 67m 42s, Kane 90+5m 11s   Koulibaly 18m 48s, James 76m 52s   Conte Conte 39,946 4th
Saturday 20 August H Premier League   WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS 1-0   Kane 63m 36s     Hojbjerg, Kane 61,298 1st
Sunday 28 August A Premier League   NOTTINGHAM FOREST 2-0   Kane 05m 00s, Kane 80m 34s     Kane 29,296 3rd
Wednesday 31 August A Premier League   WEST HAM UNITED 1-1   Kehrer (o.g.) 33m 05s   Soucek 54m 25s   Bissouma, Sanchez, Richarlison, Davies, Perisic 29,296 3rd
Saturday 03 September H Premier League   FULHAM 2-1   Hojbjerg 39m49s, Kane 74m 09s   Mitrovic 82m 04s.   Bentancur, Romero, Richarlison 61,641 3rd
Wednesday 07 September H Champions League – Group D   MARSEILLE 2-0   Richarlison 75m 30s, Richarlison 80m 34s     Dier, Son 57,367
Saturday 10 September A Premier League   MANCHESTER CITY P      
Tuesday 13 September A Champions League – Group D   SPORTING
0-2     Paulinho 89m 50s, Gomes 90+2m 33s   Royal, Hojbjerg, Bentancur 39,899
Saturday 17 September H Premier League   LEICESTER CITY 6-2   Kane 07m58s, Dier 20m 58s, Bentancur 46m 46s, Son 72m 20s, Son 83m 08s, Son 85m 41s   Tielemans (p) 05m 50s, Maddison 40m 09.   Perisic 61,450 2nd
Saturday 01 October A Premier League   ARSENAL 1-3   Kane (p) 30m 40s   Partey 19m 09s, Jesus 48m 27s, Xhaka 66m 03s   Dier Royal 60,278
Tuesday 04 October A Champions League – Group D   EINTRACHT FRANKFURT 0-0       Lenglet, Hojbjerg, Kane 50,500
Saturday 08 October A Premier League   BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION 1-0   Kane  21m 09s     Kane, Bissouma 31,498 3rd
Wednesday 12 October H Champions League – Group D   EINTRACHT FRANKFURT 3-2   Son 19m 03s, Kane (p) 27m 14s, Son 35m 26s   Kamada 13m 26s, Alidou 86m 29s   Dier, Bentancur, Sessegnon 55,180
Saturday 15 October H Premier League   EVERTON 2-0   Kane (p) 58m 58s, Hojbjerg 85m 32s     Bentancur 61,812 3rd
Wednesday 19 October A Premier League   MANCHESTER UNITED 0-2     Fred 46m 16s, Fernandes 68m 11s   73,677 3rd
Sunday 23 October H Premier League   NEWCASTLE UNITED 1-2   Kane 53m 13s.   Wilson 30m 28s, Almiron 39m 50s   Bentancur, Sessegnon, Skipp, Royal 61,726 3rd
Wednesday 26 October H Champions League – Group D   SPORTING
1-1   Bentancur 79m 40s   Edwards 21m 43s   Romero Conte 59,588
Saturday 29 October A Premier League   AFC BOURNEMOUTH 3-2   Sessegnon 56m 04s, Davies 72m 14s, Bentancur 90+1m 32s   Moore 21m 54s, Moore 48m 58s   Sessegnon, Kane 10,430 3rd
Tuesday 01 November A Champions League – Group D   MARSEILLE 2-1   Lenglet 53m 10s, Hojbjerg 90+4m 24s   Mbemba 45+1m 29s   Lenglet, Hojbjerg, Stellini
Sunday 06 November H Premier League   LIVERPOOL 1-2   Kane 69m 03s   Salah 10m 49s, Salah 39m 09s   Conte 62,008 4th
Wednesday 09 November A League Cup R3   NOTTINGHAM FOREST 0-2     Lodi 49m 02s, Lingard 56m 31s   Bissouma, Kulusevski, Bentancur, Dier 28,384
Saturday 12 November H Premier League   LEEDS UNITED 4-3   Kane 14m 58s, Davies 42m20s, Bentancur 80m 20s, Bentancur 82m 37s   Summerville 09m 26s, Rodrigo 42m 20s, Rodrigo 75m 47s.   Bentancur 61,667 4th
Friday 09 December H (Hotspur Way) Friendly   MOTHERWELL 4-0   Kulusevski  02m 04s, Doherty, Gil, Doherty     0,000
Wednesday 21 December H Friendly   OGC NICE (France) 1-1   Doherty 20m 17s   Mendy 46m 11s   9,591
Monday 26 December A Premier League   BRENTFORD 2-2   Kane 64m 06s, Hojbjerg 70m 54s    Janelt 14m 24s, Toney 53m 16s   Bissouma 17,137 4th
Sunday 01 January H Premier League   ASTON VILLA 0-2     Buendia 49m 20s, Luiz 72m 56s   Romero, Davies, Lenglet, Bissouma 61,651 5th
04 January A Premier League   CRYSTAL PALACE 4-0   Kane 47m 32s, Kane 52m 49s, Doherty 57m 41s, Son 71m 56s     Skipp, Gil 25,132 5th
Saturday 07 January H FA Cup R3   PORTSMOUTH 1-0   Kane 49m 55s      Davies 60,161
Sunday 15 January H Premier League   ARSENAL 0-2     Lloris (o.g.)  13m 54s, Odegaard 35m 20s   Romero, Sessegnon, Sarr, Lenglet 61,870 5th
19 January A Premier League   MANCHESTER CITY 2-4   Kulusevski 43m 59s, Royal 45+1m 06s   Alvarez 50m 49s, Haaland 52m 59s, Mahrez 62m 55s, Mahrez 89m 07s   Romero, Hojbjerg 53,008 5th
Monday 23 January A Premier League   FULHAM 1-0   Kane 45+0m 49s     Son, Romero, Bentancur 24,190 5th
Saturday 28 January A FA Cup R4   PRESTON NORTH END 3-0   Son 49m 53s, Son 68m 30s, Danjuma 86m 31s     21,219
Sunday 29 January H Premier League   MANCHESTER CITY 1-0   Kane 14m 08s     Bentancur, Romero, Perisic Romero 61,747 5th
February A Premier League   LEICESTER CITY 1-4   Bentancur 13m 19s   Mendy 22m 19s, Maddison 24m 38s, Iheanacho 45+3m 32s, Barnes 80m 42s   Bentancur, Dier 32,184 5th
Tuesday 14 February A Champions League Ro32 1L   AC MILAN 0-1     Diaz 06m 25s   Romero, Dier 74,320
Sunday 19 February H Premier League   WEST HAM UNITED 2-0   Royal 55m 33s, Son 71m 40s     Skipp, Perisic 61,476 4th
Sunday 26 February H Premier League   CHELSEA 2-0   Skipp 45m 20s, Kane 81m 19s     Royal, Davies 61,613 4th
Wednesday 01 March A FA Cup R5   SHEFFIELD UNITED 0-1     Adeji 78m 55s   Sarr 28,308
Saturday 04 March A Premier League   WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS 0-1     Traore 81m 35s   31,585 4th
Wednesday 08 March H Champions League Ro32 2L   AC MILAN 0-0       Romero, Lenglet, Conte, Skipp Romero 61,602
Saturday 11 March H Premier League   NOTTINGHAM FOREST 3-1   Kane 18m 53s, Kane (p) 34m 53s, Son 61m 17s   Worrall 80m 57s   Skipp, Conte, Dier, Hojbjerg 61,460 4th
Saturday 18 March A Premier League   SOUTHAMPTON 3-3   Porro 45+0m 26s, Perisic 73m 55s, Kane 73m 18s   Walcott 76m 46s, Ward-Prowse (p) 90+2m 24s   Skipp 30,157 4th
Monday 03 April A Premier League   EVERTON 1-1   Kane (p) 55m 57s   Keane 89m 44s   Kane, Lenglet, Romero Moura 39,294 4th
Saturday 08 April H Premier League   BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION 2-1   Son 09m s, Kane m s   Dunk 33m 04s   Perisic, Hojbjerg, Romero Stellini 61,405 5th
Saturday 15 April H Premier League   AFC BOURNEMOUTH 2-3   Son 13m 12s, Danjuma 87m 43s   Vina 37m 37s, Solanke 50m 42s, Ouattara 90+4m 13s   Perisic
61,369 5th
Sunday 23 April A Premier League   NEWCASTLE UNITED 1-6   Kane 48m 37s   Murphy 01m 01s, Joelinton 05m 10s, Murphy 08m 12s, Isak 18m 15s, Isak 20m 11s, Wilson 66m 50s   Kulusevski, Skipp, Romero 52,252 5th
Thursday 27 April H Premier League   MANCHESTER UNITED 2-2   Porro 55m 03s, Son  78m 48s   Sancho 06m 13s, Rashford 43m 14s   Hojbjerg 61,586 5th
Sunday 30 April A Premier League   LIVERPOOL 3-4   Kane 39m 01s, Son 76m 47s, Richarlison 90+2m 07s   Jones 02m 47s, Diaz 04m 52s, Salah (p) 14m 16s, Jota 90+3m 46s   Son, Richarlison 53,275 6th
Saturday 06 May H Premier League   CRYSTAL PALACE 1-0   Kane 45+0m 10s     Davies, Lenglet, Forster 61,093 6th
Saturday 13 May A Premier League   ASTON VILLA 1-2   Kane (p) 89m 17s   Ramsey 07m 25s, Luiz 71m 32s   Skipp, Kane, Romero 42,164 6th
Saturday 20 May H Premier League   BRENTFORD 1-3   Kane 07m 03s   Mbuemo 49m 49s, Mbuemo 61m 04s, Bissa 87m 06s   Bissouma, Mason 61,514 8th
Sunday 28 May A Premier League   LEEDS UNITED 4-1   Kane 01m 31s, Porro 46m 19s, Kane 68m 33s, Moura 90+4m 15s   Harrison 66m 47s   36,871 8th



Match Reports (Click on opponents name for link)

  LEEDS UNITED  (Premier League)  (Away)  28.05.23   Won 4-1

  BRENTFORD  (Premier League)  (Home)  20.05.23   Lost  1-3

  ASTON VILLA  (Premier League)  (Away)  13.05.23   Lost 1-2

  CRYSTAL PALACE  (Premier League)  (Home)  06.05.23   Won 1-0

  LIVERPOOL  (Premier League)  (Away)  30.04.23   Lost  3-4

  MANCHESTER UNITED  (Premier League)  (Home)  27.04.23   Drew  2-2

  NEWCASH UNITED  (Premier League)  (Away)  23.04.23   Lost  1-6

  AFC BOURNEMOUTH  (Premier League)  (Home)  15.04.23   Lost  2-3

  BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION  (Premier League)  (Home)  08.04.23   Won 2-1

  EVERTON  (Premier League)  (Away)  03.04.23   Drew  1-1

  SOUTH COAST BIG CLUB  (Premier League)  (Away)  18.03.23   Drew  3-3

  NOTTINGHAM FOREST  (Premier League)  (Home)  11.03.23   Won  3-1

  AC MILAN  (Champions League)  (Home)  08.03.23   Drew  0-0

  WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS  (Premier League)  (Away)  04.03.23   Lost 0-1

  SHEFFIELD UNITED  (FA Cup)  (Away)  01.03.23   Lost 0-1

  CHELSEA  (Premier League)  (Home)  26.02.23   Won 2-0

  WEST HAM UNITED  (Premier League)  (Home)  19.02.23   Won 2-0

  AC MILAN  (Champions League)  (Away)  14.02.23   Lost 0-1

  LEICESTER CITY  (Premier League)  (Away)  11.01.23   Lost 1-4

  MANCHESTER CITY  (Premier League)  (Home)  05.02.23   Won 1-0

  PRESTON NORTH END  (FA Cup)  (Away)  28.01.23   Won 3-0

  FULHAM  (Premier League)  (Away)  23.01.23   Won 1-0

  MANCHESTER CITY  (Premier League)  (Away)  19.01.23   Lost 2-4

  WOOLWICH WANDERERS  (Premier League)  (Home)  15.01.23   Lost 0-2

  PORTSMOUTH  (FA Cup)  (Home)  07.01.23   Won 1-0

  CRYSTAL PALACE  (Premier League)  (Away)  04.01.23   Won 4-0

  ASTON VILLA  (Premier League)  (Home)  01.01.23   Lost 0-2

  BRENTFORD  (Premier League)  (Away)  26.12.22   Drew 2-2

  OGC NICE  (Friendly)  (Home)  21.12.22   Drew  1-1

  MOTHERWELL  (Friendly)  (Home)  09.12.22   Won  4-0

  LEEDS UNITED  (Premier League)  (Home)  12.11.22   Won  4-3

  NOTTINGHAM FOREST  (League Cup Third Round)  (Away)  09.11.22   Lost 0-2

  LIVERPOOL  (Premier League)  (Home)  06.11.22   Lost  1-2

  OLYMPIQUE MARSEILLE  (Champions League)  (Away)  01.11.22   Won 2-1

  AFC BOURNEMOUTH  (Premier League)  (Away)  29.10.22   Won 3-2

  SPORTING LISBON  (Champions League)  (Home)  26.10.22   Drew 1-1

  NEWCASH UNITED  (Premier League)  (Home)  23.10.22   Lost 1-2

  MANCHESTER UNITED  (Premier League)  (Away)  19.10.22   Lost 0-2

  EVERTON  (Premier League)  (Home)  15.10.22   Won 2-0

  EINTRACHT FRANKFURT  (Champions League)  (Home)  12.10.22   Won 3-2

  BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION  (Premier League)  (Away)  08.10.22   Won 1-0

  EINTRACHT FRANKFURT  (Champions League)  (Away)  04.10.22   Drew 0-0

  ARSENAL  (Premier League)  (Away)  01.10.22   Lost 1-3

  LEICESTER CITY  (Premier League)  (Home)  17.09.22   Won 6-2

  SPORTING LISBON  (Champions League)  (Away)  13.09.22   Lost 0-2

  MARSEILLE  (Premier League)  (Home)  07.09.22   Won 2-1

  FULHAM  (Premier League)  (Home)  03.09.22   Won 2-1

  WEST HAM UNITED LONDON  (Premier League)  (Away)  31.08.22   Drew 1-1

  NOTTINGHAM FOREST  (Premier League)  (Away)  28.08.22   Won 2-0

  WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS  (Premier League)  (Home)  20.08.22   Won 1-0

  CHELSEA  (Premier League)  (Away)  14.08.22   Drew 2-2

  SOUTH COAST BIG CLUB  (Premier League)  (Home)  06.08.22   Won 4-1

  AS ROMA  (Friendly)  (Haifa)  30.07.2022   Lost   0-1

  GLASGOW RANGERS  (Friendly)  (Suwon)  23.07.2022    Won 2-1

  SEVILLA  (Friendly)  (Suwon)  16.07.2022   Drew 1-1

  K-LEAGUE XI  (Friendly)  (Seoul)  13 .07.2022     Won 6-3