Collecting match tickets has become very popular over the last couple of decades.  Some people were doing it long before then, but it tended to be retaining the slips of paper that gave you entry to the matches you attended as a memento of the game.  Now it is big business with collectors amassing large numbers of tickets from matches old and new

Here are some from the 1950s and 1960s.  Some retrieved from the MEHSTG archive, some we have found and some that have been forwarded to us … 

Arsenal (Away)    04.09.1954 – (Away) ..19-
Everton (Home)    20.09.1960 Arsenal (Away)   10.09.1960
Manchester City (Home)  re-arranged for 10.10.1960 Dynamo Tbilisi (Home)  Friendly    14.11.1960
Arsenal Reserves (Home)     26.11.1960 Crewe Alexandra (Home)  FA Cup Fourth Round    28.01.1961
Leicester City (Home)     04.02.1961 Sunderland (Home)  FA Cup Sixth Round replay    08.03.1961
Wolverhampton Wanderers (Home)     22.02.1961 Leicester City – FA Cup Final  (Wembley)    06.05.1961
Dukla Prague (Home)    European Cup Second Round    26.02.1962 Benfica (Home)    European Cup Semi-Final    05.04.1962
Glasgow Rangers (Home)    European Cup Winners Cup First Round   30.10.1962 Arsenal (Away) 15.10.1963
Aston Villa (Home)      04.12.1963 Liverpool (Away)      30.03.1964
Chelsea (Home) 24.10.1964 Chelsea (Away)   08.01.1966
Leicester City (Home)   10.12.1966 Birmingham City (Home) – FA Cup Sixth Round replay   12.04.1967
Sheffield United (Home)    13.05.1967 Chelsea (Wembley) – FA Cup Final     20.05.1967
Liverpool (Home)     09.03.1968 Exeter City (Home)     25.09.1968
Walsall (Away)  FA Cup Third Round      04.01.1969
Arsenal (Away)     16.09.1969

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