Spurs v Northampton Town Notes

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They are linked to both

Jordan Archer

Dean Austin

George Badenoch

Stuart Beavon Youth product at White Hart Lane, who made only one senior appearance for Spurs, moved to Reading in July 1980 and then onto Northampton Town in August 1990, where he played 98 games and hit 14 goals before leaving in May 1993.  

Charlie Brittain  . 

Bill Brown  . 

Laurie Brown  . 

Simon Brown  . 

Walter Bull  . 

Mark Bunn  . 

Colin Calderwood .

Wayne Cegielski

Herbert Chapman

Warney Cresswell

Jabez Darnell  . 

Terry Fenwick  . 

Theo Foley

David Galbraith

Ian Gilzean  . 

John Gorman  . 

David Hicks  . 

Mark Hughes  . 

Shwan Jalal  . 

Oscar Jansson  . 

Yaser Kasim  . 

Colin Lyman

Frank McDiarmid  . 

Tony Marchi  . 

Les Miller  . 

Willie Murray

Ian Sampson  . 

Emmanuel Sonupe  . 

Jack Tresadern

Walter Tull  . 

Andy Turner  . 

Fanny Walden

Bob Walker  . 

Kyle Walker  . 



Debuts against Northampton Town

James Chalmers 17.01.1903


Last game for the club – played against Northampton Town

Fred Mearns 25.04.1904

Arthur Turner 25.04.1904

Jack Shackleton 31.03.1906


First goal scored for the club – scored against Northampton Town

Chris Carrick 25.11.1905


Last goal scored for the club – scored against Northampton Town

Wally Eames 15.12.1906



20.11.1965 The first League meeting of the two clubs, with Northampton Town achieving promotion to the First Division for the 1965-1966 season.

27.10.1999 First match in the League Cup between the two sides.


Transfers from Tottenham to Northampton Town

Name Date Fee

George BADENOCH May 1907

Walter TULL 1911


Bill BROWN October 1966 Nominal

David GALBRAITH 2003 Free

 David HICKS 2003 Free


Transfers from Northampton Town to Tottenham

Name Date Fee

Willie MURRAY May 1904

Herbert CHAPMAN March 1905

Jabez DARNELL 1905

Charlie BRITTEN October 1911 £1,100

Fanny WALDEN April 1913 £1,700

Colin LYMAN June 1937