The TV companies like nothing more than to feature Spurs in their programming to enjoy a feast of goals or to embarrass Tottenham fans across the world.

Here are the matches to be featured on the various channels over the next few weeks …

Chelsea Away Premier League Sunday 14th August 2022 16.30 Sky Sports
Wolverhampton Wanderers Home Premier League Saturday 20th August 2022 12.30 BT Sport
Nottingham Forest Away Premier League Sunday 28th August 2022 16.30 Sky Sports
West Ham United London Away Premier League Wednesday 31stĀ August 2022 19.45 BT Sport
Mancashter City Away Premier League Saturday 10th SeptemberĀ 2022 17.30 Sky Sports
Leicester City Home Premier League Saturday 17th September 2022 17.30 Sky Sports
Woolwich Wanderers Away Premier League Saturday 1st October 2022 12.30 BT Sport
Brighton & Hove Albion Away Premier League Saturday 8th October 2022 17.30 Sky Sports
Everton Home Premier League Saturday 15th October 2022 17.30 Sky Sports
Mancashter United Away Premier League Wednesday 19th October 2022 20.15 Amazon Prime
Newcash United Home Premier League Saturday 22nd October 2022 17.30 Sky Sports