The Spurs programme has always been informative and entertaining, with pieces included in it at times that indicate what was going on, not only in football, but in society at the time.  Some articles demonstrate the “stiff upper lip” attitudes of days gone by, some were admonishing and some and some giving faint praise.

Here are some and we hope that they help shed a light on the club’s and fans fortunes from when they appeared. 

This piece from the Blackburn Rovers home
FA Cup Third Round programme of 8th
January 1938 gives a slightly
underwhelming mention about the debut of a man
who was to become a THFC legend.  

I’m not sure managers these days would receive the
same welcome as Billy Minter might have done when
this was published in the Spurs home programme
of 5th February 1927 when Sunderland came to visit
the Lane.

The THFC Handbook for 1949-50 failed to pull any punches when stung
by criticism in the press and the team went on to disprove the media’s claims by winning the second Division title and then the First Division
title the season after !