With the UK Government financially sanctioning supporters of Putin’s Russian government and their heinous invasion of Ukraine, one of the targets was oligarch Roman Abramovich, whose funding of Chelsea FC over the years has long been under scrutiny.

With his eyes originally set on buying Spurs there is reason to be thankful that he took his money elsewhere and any success that Chelsea fans might claim, it will always be tainted with the horrors of what is being inflicted on Ukraine by the Chelsea owner’s big pal.

If you are interested in how Abramovich came about his fortune, BBC’s Panorama programme produced “Roman Abramovich’s Dirty Money” that was screened on 14th March 2022 and can be viewed on BBC iPlayer.

One of our readers – THFC#7 – has come up with a plan to try to make the West London club with no history atone for the years of glory that came about from dirty money that was earned in dubious circumstances through links with a corrupt and morally bankrupt regime. 




I have given this some thought and have come up with a calm, rational and proportionate response to Abramovich using the UK to arrange all his money through Chelsea FC.

So, to show our solidarity with Ukraine and support the UK Government’s action against Abramovich, I suggest …

  • Relegate Chelsea to the Essex Olympian league where they will play my village team.
    And … they must play all games away from home for 10 years and cannot be promoted for 10 years.
  • All Chelsea’s players to be given/raffled off to other Premier League teams by tombola – a bit like the FA Cup draw … In one bowl are the names of the teams and in another bowl are the names of Chelsea’s players.  So the draw could go : Spurs get Mason Mount, Liverpool get Romelu Lukaku, etc.
  • Each player would be on a 4 year contract paid on the UK minimum wage and with transfers banned.
  • Every manager of Chelsea since 2003 to be forced to become the unpaid manager of an EFL League 2 club for 3 years. So Mourinho can coach Barrow; Ancelotti – Exeter City; Hiddink – Leyton Orient and so on.  This would show how good they really are without bucket-loads of cash to rely on.
  • Stamford Bridge to be demolished and re-built as social housing and let/sold to key workers. Rents and sales to be at 25% current market value.
  • All Chelsea season ticket holders to house one family of Ukrainian refugees for 5 years with no costs paid by the refugees and no money going to the season ticket holder.
  • Chelsea’s record under Abramovich to be wiped from the records and their 20+ trophies to be re-awarded to the runners-up … unless that runner-up is Arsenal or Man Utd, who have won too much anyway.  So: Everton win the 2009 FA Cup; Portsmouth the 2010 FA Cup; Liverpool the 2012 FA Cup; Spurs the 2015 FL Cup; Man City the 2021 Champions League … and I wonder who would become Champions in 2017 ?!!!? … not that I am biased in any way.
  • As part of their profiting the club’s financing from Abramovich’s personal wealth, all other Chelsea employees to be given 3 years compulsory unpaid community service based on current salary, so those who –
    Earn £50k++ = 500 hours unpaid community service p.a.
    Earn under £30k = 10 hours p.a.
    Earn under K20k = excused any community service.


I think I am being too kind and too lenient to Chelsea … but that just shows what a generous fellow I am.