Spurs v Southampton Notes

1907 Eric Tomkins, who played for both sides, was a member of the very first England Schoolboys side, who played Wales at Walsall, in 1907.

07.02.1993 With four goals in 4 mins and 48 seconds, Spurs set a Premier League record for heavy scoring in a short period of time.

26.12.2001 Spurs visit to the New Dell set a new record attendance for Southampton with 31,719 supporters in a full house there.

31.08.2002 Tottenham’s win takes them to the top of the Premier League.
Coincides with the signing of Robbie Keane from Leeds United for £7 million.

04.01.2003 First FA Cup tie at St. Mary’s.
First away FA Cup tie Spurs had lost to Southampton.


They are linked with both

Paul Allen

Joe Blake -.

Tommy Cable

Martin Chivers -.

George Clawley

Peter Crouch -.

Calum Davenport Signed by Spurs from Coventry City, but put out on loan to get experience to West ham United first, then to SCBC in January 2005 for the rest of the season.

Alf Day

Dickie Dowsett -.

Jack Elkes

Yago Falque -.

Alex Glen -.

Alf Hawley

John Hollowbread

David Howells Spurs youth product, who played a major part in the first team from 1985-1998 before moving on to the Dell, but failed to play many games due to an injury that finally saw him retire from the senior game.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg .

Doug Hunt

Ernie Jones

John Joyce -.

Kasey Keller Spurs keeper who spent a month on loan at the New Dell in November/December 2004, playing four games. 

John McConnachie

Frank Osbourne -.

Mauricio Pochettino

Grzegorz Rasiak -.

Alf Ramsey -.

Matt Reilly

Harry Redknapp

Jamie Redknapp

Ron Reynolds

Dean Richards

Dick Rowley

Neil Ruddock Signed as a 16 year old from Millwall in 1985, he moved back to the South London club in 1988 before joining Southampton in 1992.  Ruddock returned to Spurs again from the Dell in 1992 and stayed until 1993, when he left in the wake of the Sugar/Venables affair.

Frank Saul

Eric Tompkin A guest for Spurs and Saints during World War I, he played 27 matches for Southampton between 1915 and 1817 and 34 for Tottenham from November 1917 to April 1919, before returning to his club Northampton Town.

Arthur Turner

Wilfred Waller -.

Victor Wanyama -.


Debuts against Southampton

Matt Reilly 03.10.1906

Randolph Galloway 01.09.1928

Tom Evans 26.12.1929

Sid Tickridge 09.09.1946

Cyril Trailor 10.05.1947

Les Howe 26.12.1930

Bert Sproston 27.08.1938

Charlie Rundle 09.09.1946

Sid Tickridge 09.09.1946

Gary O’Reilly 26.12.1980

Pat Corbett 31.10.1981

Robert Brace 07.05.1984

Brian Statham 26.12.1987

Gordon Durie 17.08.1991

Darren Anderton 15.08.1992

Andy Turner 15.08.1992

Mike Hazard (2nd spell) 06.11.1993

Hans Segers 19.09.1998

Nabil Bentaleb 22.12.2013


Last game against Southampton

Willie Almond 08.04.1897

Willie Roberts 30.04.1900

John Barlow 28.01.1903

Bert Badger 23.04.1904

Alfie Warner 22.04.1905

Charlie Hewitt 29.04.1907

Bill Berry 03.10.1907

Doug (D.A.) Hunt 02.03.1940

Ronnie Dix 04.10.1947

George Ludford 25.02.1950

Dennis Bond 25.08.1970

Neil Johnson 16.01.1971

Terry Gibson 03.05.1983

Robert Brace 07.05.1984

Alan Brazil 07.05.1984

Allan Cockram 07.05.1984

Ian Culverhouse 07.05.1984

Gary O’Reilly 07.05.1984

David Leworthy 17.12.1985

Bobby Mimms 06.01.1990

Phil Gray 06.04.1991

Neale Fenn 25.10.1997

Jurgen Klinsmann 10.05.1998

Gary Mabbutt 10.05.1998

Nicola Berti 19.09.1998

Hans Segers 19.09.1998

Paolo Tramezzani 19.09.1998

Stephane Dalmat 27.03.2004


First goal for the club – scored against Southampton

Jimmy Davidson 18.09.1897

Willie Roberts 30.04.1900

Billy Jones 10.09.1906

Randolph Galloway 01.09.1928

Jimmy Brain 14.09.1931

Joe Meek 28.03.1936

Charlie Rundle 09.09.1946

Peter Collins 30.10.1968

Garry Brooke 26.12.1980

Pat Corbett 31.10.1981

Gordon Durie 17.08.1991


Last goal for the club – scored against Southampton

Bob Tannahill 19.01.1898

Willie Roberts 30.04.1900

James McNaught 22.12.1901

John Kirwan 21.04.1905

Billy Jones 10.09.1906

Charlie Hewitt 29.04.1907

Max Seeburg 17.04.1908

Doug (D.A.) Hunt 02.03.1940

Johnny Morrison 18.05.1940

Jack Gibbons 22.12.1945

Ralph Ward 22.12.1945

Billy Rees 25.02.1950

Pat Corbett 31.10.1981

Garry Brooke 23.03.1985

Garth Crooks 23.03.1985

David Leworthy 17.12.1985

Richard Gough 14.02.1987

Steve Sedgley 23.04.1994

Jurgen Klinsmann 10.05.1998

Jose Dominguez 02.03.1999


Southampton debuts v Spurs

David Hirst 25.10.1997

Paul Moody 17.08.1991

Neil Maddison 25.10.1988

Mark Blake 05.05.1986

Jimmy Case 23.03.1985

Mike Channon (Second spell) 15.09.1979

Ian Turner 03.04.1974

Thomas Carnaby 24.12.1938

Harry Brophy 27.08.1938

Frederick Williams 27.08.1938

Charles Wilkinson 27.08.1938

Oswald Bowden 27.08.1938

Len Woolf 11.12.1937

Francis Campbell 07.09.1931

Harry Turner 26.12.1903

Robert Petrie 18.09.1896

James Yates 18.09.1896

Robert Brown 18.09.1896



Last game for Southampton against Spurs

Kevin Moore 23.04.1994

Steve Wood 23.04.1994

Graham Baker 04.11.1989

Colin Clarke 25.10.1988

Nick Holmes 14.02.1987

Keith Granger 05.05.1986

David Puckett 05.05.1986

Mark Whitlock 05.05.1986

Ken Jones 31.01.1970

George Horsfall 10.05.1947

Len Woolf 11.12.1937

James Soye 13.04.1906

George Dewar 26.12.1898

Alfred Littlehales 18.09.1897


05.05.1986 Peter Shreeve manages Spurs for the last time of his first spell in charge of the team.

09.09.2001 Teddy Sheringham makes his 200th Spurs appearance.

09.09.2001 Christian Ziege’s goal was the 200th scored against Southampton at home in first class games. 

31.08.2002 Mauricio Taricco’s 100th appearance in a Spurs shirt.

28.03.2004 Ledley King makes his 100th career Premiership start for Spurs.

18.12.2004 Danny Higginbotham makes his 50th appearance for the Saints.

05.03.2005 Fredi Kanoute makes his 50th Spurs Premier League appearance.
This was Tottenham’s 800th post war League defeat.

28.10.2012 Tottenham’s first goals against Southampton at St. Mary’s give then their first win at that stadium.
Danny Fox makes his 50th appearance for the Saints.

04.05.2013 Gareth Bale makes his 200th Spurs appearance.

25.04.2015 Tottenham’s second goal against Southampton was their 100th away goal against the Saints.
Nathaniel Clyne makes his 100th appearance for the Saints.

19.12.2015 Harry Kane makes his 100th appearance for Spurs.

28.12.2016 Dele Alli plays his 50th Premier League match for Spurs.

21.01.2018 Michel Vorm plays his 100th career Premier League match.
Steven Davis plays his 300th career Premier League match.

09.03.2019 Harry Kane scores the 200th goal of his career (for clubs and country).

20.09.2020 Heung-Min Son scores his first Premier league hat-trick as he grabs four of Tottenham’s goals, the other scored by Harry Kane, who made all four of Son’s goals.

21.04.2021 Ryan Mason’s first match as Interim Manager saw him become the youngest manager ever in the Premier League.


Transfers from Tottenham to Southampton

Name Date Fee

Alf HAWLEY September 1901

George CLAWLEY 1903


Archie TURNER May 1904

Alex GLEN May 1906

Ernie JONES May 1949

Frank OSBORNE June 1931 £450

Tommy CABLE September 1932

Ron REYNOLDS Mar 1960 £10,000

John HOLLOWBREAD May 1964 £3,000

Frank SAUL January 1968 £45,000 (part of Martin Chivers deal)

Paul ALLEN September 1993 £550,000

David HOWELLS June 1998 Free

Jamie REDKNAPP 4th January 2004 Free

Tommy FORECAST 7th July 2008 Undisclosed


Transfers from Southampton to Tottenham

Name Date Fee

Jack ELKES May 1923 £1,000

Dick ROWLEY February 1930 £3,750

Alf RAMSEY May 1949 £21,000

Martin CHIVERS January 1968 £125,000 (swap including Frank Saul)

Neil RUDDOCK May 1992 £750,000

Dean RICHARDS September 2001 £8,100,000

Gareth BALE 25th May 2007 £10,000,000

Victor WANYAMA 23rd June 2016 £11,000,000

Paulo GAZZANIGA 23rd August 2017 £3,000,000

Pierre-Emile HOJBJERG 31st August 2020 £23,000,000