Spurs have been the subject of a number of postcards over the years.
MEHSTG presents a few from our collection that you may … or may not … have seen.


Jurgen Klinsmann postcard from Germany Postcard from Kappa Cup 2004 in Seville

A mid-70s postcard of club players


There have been times when postcard were used in support of fan action.


The potential sale of the club to Robert Maxwell (Head of the Mirror Group of newspapers and Chairman of Derby County) by Spurs Chairman Irving Scholar brought protests in support of the sale of the club to Alan Sugar and Terry Venables.

With the ever-growing power of television companies to move the kick off times of Tottenham matches regardless of how this might affect the fans, a movement was started to¬† try to persuade the Chief Executive of the Premier League to “Bring Back Saturday” football to White Hart Lane.