Down the years there have been various sticker or trading/cigarette/bubblegum card collections that have featured individual Spurs players or the team.

There is a huge business out there dealing with this part of the memorabilia market and plenty of internet pages dedicated to them cards and stickers, but here are some of the pieces MEHSTG has collected over the years of Spurs personnel playing for the clubs or other sides during their career.


AB & C Cards  (1958-59)

Famous Footballer by Stubbs  (1990s)

Jones Brothers Cigarette Cards  1910-11

Spurs Super Star Special  1981-82

Sun Soccer Cards  (1979)

Sun 3D cards  (1972)

Sun Scrapbook Encyclopaedia of Football 1971

Sun Encyclopaedia & Soccerstamp Album 1971-72

Panini Football 81

Taddy Cigarette Cards  1907-08

THFC Team Pages – Panini